Selling Machines to Turkey

Our sales engineers have an in deep knowledge of the industry they are working in and support our European partners during the complete sales process in Turkey.

Starting from joint customer visits, to accompanying during the trade shows and exhibitions, reference visits in Europe & Turkey and factory acceptance tests, machine installation and service engineer visits, ATsconsulTr is taking care of all aspects of your business in Europe & in Turkey.

In case of a machine failure Turkey customers insist on fast and immediate troubleshooting. Due to the geographical distance, lingual and cultural barriers, some points are major obstacles for European companies, like troubleshooting, negotiations and expectations.

To fulfill such customer requirements ATsconsulTr is providing it’s engineers and who partly lived in Europe and Turkey over 10 years and familiar with European and Turkish Business culture.

Furthermore, ATsconsulTr can offer the following services in-house: bridging of different payment terms, contractual differences, local approvals for the Turkey market, shipment from Europe to Turkey, import declaration, customs clearance, local transportation within Turkey and many more.

Office – Austria


+ 43 (1) 399 58 40

Address: Sternwartestraße 8/6 , 1180 Vienna/AUSTRIA

Office – Turkey


+ 90 (216) 504 96 95

Address: Site Mah. Finans Caddesi No: 5 C / 109 , Ümraniye Istanbul / Turkey

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