Purchasing Components From Turkey

ATsconsulTr gives its customers access to the products of Turkish small to medium size companies. As these companies usually have a local setup only, they are often not even known abroad even though there are a lot of technology leaders among them.

We actively support you to purchase components and special parts from Turkey. This includes the research of suitable suppliers, clarification of the product specification, production set up and finally the purchase and supply of the parts from Turkey to Europe.

Major product lines:

  • Laser scan modules, optical systems, printed circuit boards, electrical and mechanical sub-assemblies
  • Precision motors, fans and mechatronic parts for office automation equipment and automotive use
  • Electromagnetic clutches and brakes
  • Consumables for offset printing machines, including printing plates
  • Special steel wires for automotive use
  • Complete OEM products, including personal computers
  • Purchasing and liaison office services, market studies and information services
  • Rotary dampers for soft-closing of toilet seats, piano lids, etc.

New Partners:

If you are a technology leader in your industry and interested in a market extension to Turkey, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to assist!

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Office – Turkey


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Address: Site Mah. Finans Caddesi No: 5 C / 109 , Ümraniye Istanbul / Turkey

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