Selling Components To Turkey

Special materials and components made in Europe have an excellent reputation in Turkey. We supply our Turkish customers with European made technically innovative products that are not being available in such functionality and quality in Turkey.

The extremely demanding requirements regarding on time delivery and product delivery often require a local warehousing including additional quality control measures before final delivery to the Turkish customer.

In collaboration with our network of local partners we are able to offer those required services and have established ourselves as a trusted value adding sales partner in the Turkish market.

New Partners:

If you are a technology leader in your industry and interested in a market extension to Turkey, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to assist!

Office – Austria


+ 43 (1) 399 58 40

Address: Sternwartestraße 8/6 , 1180 Vienna/AUSTRIA

Office – Turkey


+ 90 (216) 504 96 95

Address: Site Mah. Finans Caddesi No: 5 C / 109 , Ümraniye Istanbul / Turkey

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